Strategic Background

The strategy and concept of the Steinbeck Cluster was largely inspired by the work of CAPT Wayne Porter, USN, co-author of “A National Strategic Narrative.”  Expanding upon concepts of industrial clusters (first proposed by Harvard economist Michael Porter) and modern system science, CAPT Porter has asserted that the central coast / Salinas Valley (Steinbeck Country) has most of the key characteristics found in successful industrial clusters internationally – a confluence of academic and research institutions, a strong core commercial competency, institutions of higher learning to support an educated labor and professional base, a strong community with positive work ethic, and investment capital interested in technological growth.

CAPT Porter has spoken in a variety of venues and his articles have been published widely, encouraging further initiatives of sustainability in education and national strategy.

For further information visit

A National Strategic Narrative
Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars
April 2011
Authors: CAPT Wayne Porter, USN; Col Mark Mykleby, USMC

Exceptionalism and American Citizens
Farm Focus Magazine, Fall 2012, Monterey County Farm Bureau
September 2012
Author: CAPT Wayne Porter, USN

The Last Pack of Cigarettes
TheHotSpring Quarterly, Fall 2012, TheHotSpring.Net
Author: CAPT Wayne Porter, USN

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