The Steinbeck Innovation Foundation is galvanizing our region’s agricultural industry, educational resources, and innovative drive to build local prosperity and cultivate a competitive industry focused on solving the world’s food, water and energy-related challenges.

The Steinbeck Innovation Foundation is building a new development model, seeded by city government and led by private industry. Our model is composed of four pillars of development support:

  • Education (including tech programs for youth, entrepreneurial training and advanced research)
  • Startup acceleration
  • Investment
  • Corporate strategic engagement

We are building a new Industrial Cluster – dubbed the Steinbeck Innovation Cluster – that leverages an innovative network of civic, academic, technological, corporate, and philanthropic partners to help our youth become entrepreneurs, drive innovation in our fields and factories, and bring high tech to our industrial zones.

The world’s greatest manufacturing and innovation communities have self-organized into Industrial Clusters over time. We are using system dynamics tools to design a regional Industrial Cluster, in the process creating a template for other cities to design countless new engines of economic growth.

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